101 in 1001


Happy New Year babes! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve written a blog post, but we are now back in Fayetteville together and back in the swing of things. Instead of coming up with a list of resolutions that I will more likely than not never look at again after today, I’ve decided to jump on the 101 in 1001 bandwagon. Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling is the first one I saw do this list, although it’s been all over the internet since then!

This is basically a list of 101 items that you will (hopefully somewhat) complete in the next 1001 days. I thought this was a better option for me in terms of goal setting, because it combines short and long-term goals along with overall lifestyle changes. Fingers crossed that I will actually do most of them (I’m counting on all of you to hold me accountable and check up on me during the next 2 1/2 years!!) I’ve literally been working on this list since November, and I’m determined to mark at least 5 items off the list this month.

I really really hope that some of you will join me and we can help each other be more productive people!! Less loafin’ around in 2018, my friends.


Start Date; January 1, 2018

End Date: September 28, 2020


  1. Take a calligraphy class
  2. Send out Christmas cards
  3. Leave a 100% tip (Completed 1.4.18 @ Chuy’s!)
  4. Graduate college
  5. Move to New York City
  6. Read 30 new books
  7. Donate blood
  8. Learn to speak French
  9. Get real pajamas & stop wearing big sorority t-shirts and nike shorts
  10. Find out my blood type
  11. Buy a stranger coffee
  12. Attend at least one NYFW show
  13. Decorate a new apartment & have it featured in major blog/magazine
  14. Take a cooking class
  15. Post an apartment tour
  16. Buy a new camera/lens
  17. Get over my fear & finally take public speaking
  18. Treat myself to designer shoes as a graduation present
  19. Meet my idol, Grace Coddington
  20. Vote!
  21. Learn how to drive stick
  22. Work on my baby name list (going strong since 7th grade!)
  23. Teach myself to like coffee
  24. Be apart of NWAFW
  25. Participate in the gift tree during the holidays


  1. Visit NYC during the holidays
  2. Take a girls’ trip
  3. Go to Europe
  4. Take my mom & sister to NYC
  5. Travel to France to try out my new language (see #8)
  6. Go to Disney World & do it right!
  7. Spend a weekend in the Hamptons
  8. Turn 21 & go to Vegas to celebrate
  9. Visit to Salt Lake City, UT
  10. Go skiing again
  11. Take a roadtrip
  12. Visit North & South Carolina
  13. Go to an SEC game at another school
  14. Go on a trip for my birthday
  15. Visit Chicago
  16. Watch the ball drop in Times Square on NYE
  17. Visit Disneyland Paris
  18. Go somewhere exciting for spring break
  19. Plan a trip to visit high school friends
  20. Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s


  1. Put $10 in savings for each goal completed
  2. Invest in a classic handbag
  3. Start a savings account
  4. Buy a couch


  1. Work for one of my dream companies
  2. Get an internship in New York City
  3. Hire a web designer to redesign our blog
  4. Travel to a new state
  5. Go to a blogging conference
  6. Go on a trip with my family
  7. Learn how to use Photoshop really well
  8. Do 3 giveaways for the blog
  9. Have a professional photographer shoot our blog photos
  10. Get my first big-girl job
  11. Become better at networking
  12. Update my LinkedIn

For Fun

  1. Buy a pair of Valentino rockstuds
  2. Get a second cat!
  3. Go to a Cowboys game
  4. Learn how to sew – and then sew something I can actually wear!
  5. Go to a Razorback basketball game
  6. Plan a surprise party
  7. See 3 broadway musicals
  8. Go to a concert
  9. Write down all of my favorite recipes & organize them into a cute recipe box
  10. Bake an Apple Pie from scratch
  11. Subscribe to 3 of my favorite magazines
  12. Treat my best friend to a spa day
  13. Go skydiving
  14. Get my pilot’s license
  15. Get a facial
  16. Buy a Kitchenaid Mixer
  17. Try 10 new restaurants
  18. Attend a wedding
  19. Happy hour at a rooftop bar
  20. Start a YouTube channel
  21. Write 5 handwritten notes
  22. Learn how to wrap presents & make them look cute
  23. Cook dinner every night for one week
  24. Host a Cinco de Mayo party
  25. Brush up on my Spanish
  26. Learn and perfect 5 new recipes


  1. Try a spin class
  2. Try a barre class
  3. Do Whole30
  4. Wake up everyday at 8am for one week
  5. Go to yoga on a regular basis for a month
  6. Be able to run 3 miles without stopping
  7. Give up Diet Coke for Lent (& actually stick to it!)
  8. Go without fast food for one month
  9. Go to a dermatologist
  10. Take a pilates class
  11. Sleep 8 hours a night for a week straight
  12. Run a 5K with my mom
  13. Find a dermatologist that I like
  14. Try microdermabrasion


Leave me a comment if you have done/ are doing a 101 in 1001 list! Give me allll your tips and tricks.

xoxo, Riles

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  • Mama
    January 12, 2018

    When is our goal race?? Love that you have all these things you want to accomplish. Anything you want to do you can do!!!