Real Talk: I Don’t Have a 4.0


The fall semester just ended and that means two things: Christmas is almost here, and everyone is bragging about their 4.0 on Facebook (or instagram, or twitter, or all 3). It seems like I can barely get on any social media without being bombarded by everyone and their mother (literally) posting about their (or their child’s) grades. Most people aren’t on Facebook bragging about having all C’s, and so it can seem like everyone but you has that coveted 4.0. Here’s a secret: they don’t. And I don’t.

I didn’t make all A’s this semester (or any semester), and it is okay. Freshman year, I remember seeing everyone’s posts and I felt so bad. I felt like I was a failure, and that is absolutely not the case. I did not fail this semester because I didn’t get perfect grades. This semester, I made some amazing new friends, visited places I had never been before, managed to go to school and run this blog, and I made some pretty awesome memories. Looking back, it will not matter that I did not get an A in a stupid physics class (I actually ended up with a *gasp* C). What will matter, is that my besties and I will have some hilarious stories to tell one day.

College can be is really freaking hard. You have a million things you need to be doing, and about no time to do them. Then on top of that, you are trying to be an adult when really you have no clue what you are doing. Also, you are having to take these classes that mean nothing to you (please tell me why I have to take stats when all I want to do is work at Vogue). The fact that we all make it out alive is honestly something we should be celebrating. So make a post girl, you have plenty to brag about.

So yeah, I don’t have a 4.0, but that is okay. I didn’t make an A in physics or statistics (or Arkansas history). Don’t let the Facebook posts get you down, because after graduation, there are no more grades, and that my friends is something to look forward to. So take a deep breath, enjoy your time off, and remember that there is always next semester.


To all those who got an A in living life this semester

xoxo, Breana

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  • Sophie
    December 14, 2017

    I’m so glad that you’re posting about this. I wish more bloggers were honest about school stuff like this.