Red Tie Top + A Deep Sea Disaster

top: J.Crew Silk Tie-Shoulder Peplum Top (on sale!) shorts: Madewell Perfect Denim Shorts

bag: Sole Society Thalia Bag shoes: Steve Madden Espadrilles sunglasses: old but these are similar!


Hey y’all! We just got back to our apartment after spending a week at the beach! We only have a few days before we are headed back to the gulf, but this time we are going to be in Orange Beach, Alabama. So if you have any suggestions on fun things to do, or places to eat leave us a comment!

Our Port Aransas travel guide will be up this week, but I wanted to share a little story from the trip with all of y’all today.

So our story begins before we even get to Port A. (that is what the cool kids call it apparently) Riley and I decided that it would be fun to go on a deep-sea fishing trip. Riley had been once before, but I had never been. I was hesitant because I am not much of a fisherman, but I thought I would go just to say I did it. I was a little nervous about getting seasick, but I’ve been on boats before and haven’t gotten sick so I assumed I would be fine. I told myself to stop over thinking, that we were going to have a great time. (I would soon find that I was terribly wrong about this and we were certainly not going to have a great time)

So we wake up at 5:30 in the morning (already a great start I know) and we get dressed to go. It was the 4th of July so we wore red, white, and blue because we were planning on taking a cute patriotic picture on the boat to post. This plan did not last long. I had been told to make sure to sit where I could see the horizon, so I wouldn’t get sick. Riley and I took a seat towards the back of the boat and we started driving out to sea. The waves were so big that every couple of minutes they would come over the side of the boat onto us. We were completely soaked before the sun even came up. We looked like drowned rats, so our plan to get that cute insta was ruined.

I felt fine while we were driving out to the place we were going to be fishing, but as soon as we stopped moving, I was not okay. The boat was rocking so much that at some points I was scared we might flip all the way over. I felt so sick. I was sitting inside the cabin of the boat and all of a sudden I thought, “I am stuck on this boat in the middle of the ocean for the next 9 hours.”

So while everyone else was having a great time catching fish and listening to music, I was throwing up over the side of the boat. There is really nothing like projectile vomiting over the side of a rocking boat while a group of people sing Jimmy Buffet songs in the background. #tropical On the bright side, some dolphins swam up to our boat and I got to see them really close. (Hanging over the boat gives you a great vantage point) I ended up just trying to sleep for as much of the trip as I possibly could. (it is a lot easier to hold back vomit if you are asleep)

After being sick for 7ish hours, we finally made it back to shore. I almost got on my hand and knees and kissed the ground. Unfortunately, after being so sick I was very dehydrated which caused me to have a migraine.

I am happy to say that I am fine now, but you will not be catching me on any fishing boats in the future. Thanks for reading y’all!

xoxo, Breana